“Lab’s unique approach helped lead to the discovery of 28 potential cancer biomarkers”

A leading researcher at the Arizona State University Biodesign Institute said Thursday that his lab’s unique approach led to the discovery of 28 potential early-stage breast cancer “biomarkers.”
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“Spotlight: Red Mountain Tea Party”

Red Mountain Tea Party organizer Randon Hatch, better known as Randy, normally dresses in an American flag polo shirt and jeans for his weekly evening meetings;.  Tonight’s October 20th meeting is special though and Hatch is dressed in a sharp charcoal suit and gleaming American flag lapel pin. Hatch strides out before a crowd that has filled East Valley High School’s 500 seat auditorium to capacity and smiles. Hatch’s informal pre-meeting introduction is reminiscent of a church, with Hatch as the preacher.

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“Arizona dental students poised to launch public health portal”  

The president of a new public health organization said Tuesday that they are set to launch a website next month that will help connect students to dental public health volunteer opportunities around the world.

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